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Thanks for visiting my website. I hope that my books and poetry speak to truth and touch your heart.

One of my passions is transcending boundaries of many types and I strive through my writings and other activities to bridge and connect entities that may at first appear to be very different. Sometimes I am working with cultures and places; other times it is spirit and matter, stones and flesh.

When I was very young, I dreamt of becoming a writer, but then I lost touch with that vision for many years. In the interim, I traveled around the world, living for nearly a decade and a half in Latin America. I received a doctorate in international relations, taught and ran educational programs abroad. I became a mother, I married and divorced. I loved and grieved. But I always felt a bit hollow inside, as though something was missing, until the writing spirits began to stir in my soul once again around when I turned forty.

What a joy it has been to create The Spirits of Jade, my newest piece of writing and first venture into fiction. Birthing this story has truly been a journey of self-discovery that has helped me connect with many amazing people around the world - including you.

I hope you enjoy reading this tale that comes both from my heart and the heart of jade, to you.