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I want to thank spirit and my ancestors for the writing gift, which can be both a wonderful blessing and sometimes, a lonely and dark place that reverberates in my soul, clamoring for birth. I truly believe that the stories we create, help create our world. And it is precisely in this process of creation - of trying to craft written words to capture what oftentimes seems to dwell just beyond our capacity to express - that the once upon a time unexpressable becomes clothed via words into this realm of physicality.

I can't explain why I write, or why I have dabbled in such a diverse range of genres except that I know if I did not write the novel, "The Spirits of Jade," my own life would have taken a different course. And if my newest creation - "The Crystal Companion Cards: Messages from the Stones and a Star" - did not flow through my hand into images and text - the Stone Spirits would still be clammering within me for their voices to be brought to life to be shared with others. In other words, I write because I must.

I am a self-educated writer and my tools may not be the most polished and sophisticated - but I do write from my heart and soul. While I don't like labels of any type, perhaps the closest word to express my inspiration is to say I may be a mystical writer. Writing for me is part of a healing process - both for myself and for the world. It is a way to shine with beauty bright and gift the world with wisdom light!

Skye Stephenson, 2014