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Thanks for landing on my website. Here I share two great passions of mine - writing and crystal healing. While at first glance these two activities may seem to not have much in common, in my mind and heart they are connected because they are both ways to connect and feel more deeply the sacred spirits and energies of beauty and healing. My name is Dr. Skye Stephenson.

Crystal Healing-LECORA: I have developed a type of crystal healing called LECORA based upon direct information from Spirit, training from well-known crystal healer Naisha Ahsian, and experiences with a variety of healing modalities and shamanic practices. LECORA crystal healing contributes to the growing body of knowledge regarding the use of rocks, stones and crystal to promote healing and well-being. It is literally grounded in the sacred connection that can and does exist between humans and stones, rocks and crystals.

Writing: Over the years, I have written in a variety of genres, including non-fiction, fiction, poetry and in academic style. As a self-taught writer, I follow my passions and the whispers of my unknown muse. My writing is both a way to keep me sane (as I try to capture with words things I hear wordlessly in my head and sense silently in my soul) and to make a small contribution as a creative being to our unfolding world that we are dreaming into being by our stories and songs.

Skye Stephenson, 2016